Metabolic Nutri-Biomics

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Detoxification Upgrade
Ignition Markers Upgrade
Post-viral triggers Upgrade
Immune Response Upgrade
Methylation Upgrade
Mitochondrial Activity Upgrade
Injury Prevention Genome Upgrade
Readiness Upgrade
Supercompensation Upgrade
Muscle Functionality Upgrade
Recovery Efficiency Upgrade
Fitness Upgrade
Type of Sports Nutrition Upgrade
Gut-brain resilience Upgrade
Sleep and Relaxation Upgrade
Stress Resilience Upgrade
Adrenal Resilience Upgrade
Metabolic Rate Upgrade
Weight Management Upgrade
Lifespan Upgrade
Skin Health Upgrade

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Consultation with My Inner Selfie expert (per hour)
Sports nutrition (1 year)
Customized supplements - Week (1 delivery)
Customized supplements - Month (1 delivery)
Customized supplements - Quarterly (1 delivery).
Customized supplements - Year (4 deliveries)
Customized supplements - Year (12 supplies)

This analysis includes

  1. Multiomics analysis integrating genetic information, metabolic processes and microbial assemblies to provide a comprehensive understanding of biological processes and their interactions.
  2. The basic analysis, "gut-biomics. This analysis provides insight into how your body processes food, the composition of your gut microbiome and related health markers such as inflammation and antioxidants. It helps you with injury prevention, recovery and weight management by exploring the connection between your gut and overall health.
  3. A comprehensive look at your nutrigenome! The upgrade package included herein looks at your digestion and processing of vitamins and minerals, your metabolites, your microbial enterotype and your overall gut health, among other things.
  4. Online reporting and discussion of results through one of our partners (as of July '24). A list of our partners can be found on our website.
  5. Ability to purchase additional upgrades up to 1 year after analysis of initial samples.

Samples (non-invasive)

4 samples

  • stool
  • saliva
  • urine
  • sweat